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2 Chainz turns Atlanta Trap House into a church and HIV clinic

Pretty Girls Love Trap Music is more than just another album, it’s a movement. 2 Chainz’s latest work has become an overnight sensation, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart after the first week of sales.

2 Chainz’s project has already moved a total of 106,000 units with more than half of those being traditional album sales. Album streams have reached upwards of 60 million.

2 Chainz has the #1 rap album in the country

Besides releasing one of the most poppin’ albums of the summer, 2 Chainz has also managed to bring the Pretty Girls Love Trap Music album art to life. The Necklace Don rented a house in ATL and turned it into a replica of the all pink house depicted on the album cover.

Chainz’s pink trap house has become a social landmark.

Hundreds of people have pulled up to take pictures and videos in front and inside ATL’s new tourist attraction.

The Pink House even made the news

But it is more than just a spot to post up at and take pictures. Last Sunday, Chainz turned it into a “Trap Church.”

Then on Independence Day the all pink trap house went from church to HIV clinic

The pink landmark also serves as a place for people to express themselves through their art and music

Is 2 Chainz on to something? Some don’t see it that way.

The word “TRAP” has a very negative connotation for many Atlanta residents. TRAPPING is directly associated with drug dealers as they use these run down houses (“traps”) to flip their drugs.

Greenforest Community Baptist Church Youth Pastor, Al Hollie Jr. spoke out against the new landmark. The pastor is concerned with the damaging effects trap houses have on communities and families.

In an interview with Fox 5, Hollie Jr. let us know about how damaging these drug dens can be,

“The last place you’d want relatives at is inside a trap house. The last place you’d want your children at is inside a trap house… because the damage it does is generational.”

Even though Hollie fucks with Chainz’s movement, he warns against the lasting effects trap houses have on the community,

“Much love to 2 Chainz, his movement and the culture, but if you’re taking photos in front of a trap house you haven’t seen the damage it can do to a community.”

Hollie added,

“The damage I’m talking about is broken homes, taking family members from each other, kids being taken away, fathers going to prison, and children being born addicted to drugs.”

While some see 2 Chainz as making light of something that can be so damaging, he’s also changing what the word itself means, giving something back to his community through the trap church and HIV testing center.

It’s a fine line.

Let us know what you think about Chainz’s movement.