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2 Chainz tells Trevor Noah he’s serious about running for mayor of College Park, GA

2 Chainz, one of the great living Americans, reiterated his wishes to run for mayor of his hometown of College Park, Georgia.

Mr. Chainz initially signaled his intention to run for mayor back in 2015, but was deemed ineligible because of certain prerequisites.

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Last night, on The Daily Show With Trever Noah, Noah asked 2 Chainz about his past intentions to run for mayor. Chainz told Noah that although guidelines have kept him from running in the past, he’s definitely still interested,

“Yeah, I could. I’m eclectic, man, I could do anything. I’m from College Park it’s a city right outside Atlanta, Georgia and I’m passionate about my neighborhood and my community. The mayor there was currently serving, when I was thinking about taking the crown from him, had been there for 20 or 30 years, so they were eager for a change. But they had a few, you know, prerequisites that I couldn’t meet, like staying in the same county and things like that because I just didn’t wanna stay in the same county, it’s about growth it’s about maturation, you know what I mean. But I feel like one day I could, you know, I could do something like that.”

His platform? Well obviously it would start with legal bud. But more specifically, medical marijuana as a way to keep people off opiates,

“I would definitely have medicinal marijuana as an alternative to opium. I would do things in the community, basically start with things that I’m true to.”

2 Chainz also wants to put money into sports programs to get kids out of the house and active. He envisions a 24-7/365 community center where kids can go and shoot hoops and play sports at any hour.

While some of his raps may be intended for mature audiences, 2 Chainz is all about the kids, he told Noah, “We should focus on the kids because one you grown, your ass grown.” Where’s the lie?

In the past 2 Chainz, who is an ex-felon from a drug charge when he was 15, has worked to restore felon’s voting rights.

Fuck it, 2 Chainz for president.

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