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14 throwback tweets from Rihanna that remind us she’s the realest

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It goes without saying that Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

By February of 2017, our girl tied Michael Jackson for third place in most top ten hits of all time. She’s not even 30 yet, keep in mind. Oh, but this bad ass Bajan won’t stop just there. Rihanna is multi-faceted, you see.

In August 2016, she received MTV’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, also known as the Lifetime Achievement Award. Then, just this past February, Rihanna was named Harvard University’s Humanitarian of the Year.

She started her nonprofit, the Clara Lionel Global Scholarship Program, for Caribbean students to attend college in the US. Rih also built a center for oncology at a hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados for diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

She’s practically out here saving lives, and most definitely helping to better quite a few.

Aside from that, Rihanna is an undeniable trendsetter and arguably the most influential pop star today. If anyone’s got the Midas touch, it’s Rihanna. Sure,┬áMissy Elliot made wearing garbage bags look fire in a video, but if Rihanna wore a garbage bag to the Met Gala I’d put money that she’d be crowned best dressed yet again.

Rihanna is loved for many reasons, but above all else, she’s loved because she’s real as f*ck. Her authenticity is damn near unmatched. And even if you don’t agree, I doubt she gives a fuck what you think. But that’s the beauty of it all.

From clever clapbacks to just keeping it a buck, Rihanna pretty much dominated Twitter back in the day. She spoke her mind with ease and never dared to delete a tweet. In other words …

Here’s 15 tweets from back in the day that should remind you just who tf Rihanna is, in case you forgot.

Rihanna goes hard for Lebron, and for good reason.

She’s unfazed by blog sites, cause well, she’s THAT bitch.

She’s eternally grateful for her fans.

And loves her haters just the same.

Feminism at its finest. Let em know, Rih.

The realest prayer you’ll ever hear.

Once again, Rihanna cannot be fazed.

Remember her ill clapback at Ciara?

The real ones aren’t afraid to apologize, though.

Ya’ll ain’t know Rihanna had bars?

Bitch better mind her business.

Rih loves those cheddar biscuits just like the rest of us.

We miss you too Rih, we miss you too.

And at the end of the day, she’ll┬ástill hit you with some encouragement.

Rihanna may not use her Twitter as much as she used to, but we will never forget the brilliant tweets she blessed us with in the past.

Luckily she’s graced us with so much more while time has passed, whether it be her dope feature on Kendrick’s ‘LOYALTY’ or shutting down this year’s Met Gala.

As of late we’ve all been focused on her effortless ability to pull off the thick look, all natural of course. Not many can gain a few and be praised for it, but Rihanna is transcendent of judgement.

We’re living in a scary time in this world, but if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that Rihanna will never disappoint.