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12 inmates escape Alabama jail by smearing peanut butter on cell, Twitter got jokes

Well, if you haven’t heard ’em all, Bob-Billy Jim and his pals let peanut butter defeat them again.

Late Sunday evening in Montgomery, Alabama, 12 inmates g’d the shit out of a novice prison guard by smearing peanut butter on a cell number allowing all of them to break free. According to the AP,

“The inmates changed the number above a cell to the number that identified the door leading outside the jail. So when an inmate asked a young, inexperienced jailer to let him into his cell, the jailer was fooled into opening the outside door instead.

“The group then fled, throwing off their orange uniforms and using blankets to climb over a fence topped with razor wire on Sunday evening.”

The prisoners range in age, from 18 to 30 years old, and charges, disorderly conduct to attempted murder. Within a couple of hours, 11 of the escaped criminals were caught but one still remains at large, Brady Andrew Kilpatrick.

According to Sheriff Jim Underwood, the inmates had the cunning of a fox.

It’s looking like Walker Co. could implement some peanut butter emergency training for their new guards.

“These people are crazy like a fox,” said Sherrif Jim Underwood. Like bro, your employee got played because of smeared peanut butter on a cell number. How the fuck did you get a job in a prison?

This is like some shit out of that Disney movie The Fox and the Hound.

To be honest, this is not (that) funny as there is a criminal on the loose but people following the story on Twitter were amused at the PB escape.

Savage AF

Definitely the inmates thinking the peanut butter would work

Bruh, I’m weak

Honestly, that’s not a bad guess

Get ready for the whack peanut butter jokes

Stay on the look out Jasper, Alabama. Hopefully, Kilpatrick doesn’t have any more peanut butter tricks up his sleeve.