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10 people you see on the New York City subway (Part 3)

Taking the subway may be trash but it’s also the perfect depiction of life in New York.

You literally see (and smell) the city all at once. From the scumbag millionaire to the cracked out homie, people from all walks of life are forced to be in the same underground hell, all just to reach wherever the hell they’re going in life.

The characters we’ve seen in the past truly range from wild to too wild and in this week’s edition of people you see on the NYC subway, we have a special guest.

Facebook comedian Chiseled Adonis gives a very honest, and very New York, guide to navigating and comprehending WTF really went down in the train this week.

From aspiring strippers to drugged out dudes completely off the shits, this week’s people are nothing like last one’s. But that’s what makes NYC the best city in the world after all, right?

At the end of the day these people may have nothing in common but for at least one moment, they are just as sick as anyone else who has to get on the L train.

But no matter what you happen to witness on the train, just never let it represent the city as a whole. Especially for you out-of-towners taking up mad space, rolling 15 deep and shook of everything. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE THIS. However, everyone is type crazy in a different way.

Peep the video and see for yourself.