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10 of the most fire bars from Future and Thugger’s ‘Super Slimey’

On October 20th, 2018 out of nowhere fell a mixtape from heaven — a gem, really — that blessed the ears of everyone who was fortunate to give it a listen.

The 13-track, 41-minute gift from above titled Super Slimey was exactly what we all didn’t know we needed and there’s word that it’s just the beginning.

The collaborative effort from FBG President Future Hendrixx and YSL founder Young Thug, though unexpected, makes plenty of sense.

In a genre of music where collab albums are more like experiments, there was no doubt in my mind that the two leaders of melodic rap would mesh.

Until further notice.

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Their careers began peaking around the same time, they grew up 20 minutes from each other, run in the same circles, and have the same ear for beats a la Metro Boomin.

Future was even going to sign Thugger at one point for a reported $1.5 million to his Free Bandz label, but the deal never came to fruition.

Super Slimey gives you everything you could have ever expected from these two: catchy hooks, chest-thumping 808’s that makes your face scrunch up like you just smelled something foul, and some of the most creative flows and cadences I’ve ever heard. Deadass.

“No Cap”

“I gave her a little start-up money put her in a rental

I send my Ethiopian to go pray at the temple.” – Future


“Bad yellow skin, Phillippine

Envious and gin never win

Chrome Heart lens, help me see ’em

Hit him in his back, South Central” – Thugger

“4 da Gang”

“Go check my profile, I beat the verdict

I was kicking it in overdrive, for Seth Firkins.” – Future

Seth Firkins is the late mastermind behind Pluto 3D, and 2015’s Dirty Sprite 2 and worked on elite projects such as Jay Z’s American Gangster and Rihanna’s Unapologetic

“4 da Gang”

“I look my demon in the face, I’m booted up the worst way…

I can’t grieve, ‘cause ain’t none of my grandma bills late.” – Future

Future has never been shy about opening up about depression and here he his again touching on his struggles.

Many say he promotes drug abuse, but if you really listen to what he’s saying he’s using music for therapy.

The beat is his analyst chair, and he’s just laying down speaking on what he struggles with the most.

“Real Love”

“It’s true I said I love you but I didn’t promise” – Thugger

Young Thug and former fiancee Jerrika Karlae have a history of an on again off again relationship, even doing so in the public eye.

Just five days ago Young Thug was trying to get his boo back on twitter.

You can say what you want about the substance of the content, but when you do please mention the flashes of their more private sides.

“Drip On Me”

“I work every day at this shit, like it can all disappear (swear)
I pray every day by this shit, when I go jump on a Leer (Super)” – Future

I’ve always respected Future’s work ethic.

“Drip On Me”

“Now I got fifty hoes on they knees
I put X in my codeine
But I’m putting nothing in my weed
Yeah I took a jet right overseas” – Young Thug

When you listen to this verse you’ll see that it’s classic Young Thug.

His screech/sing style is something literally only he can pull off, so it’s always dope when he refers to that skillset.

“Mink Flow”

“Up, up out of here, gone to Mercury
All Chanel stores around the globe heard of me” – Future

“Group Home”

“I don’t want it, don’t want it if it ain’t meant
I smell codeine when I piss
I’m on it, I’m on it, I can’t forget
You can’t cry over scars this permanent” – Future

Often times, when you’re listening to Future or Young Thug the best part of the song, is the chorus, as the case with “Mink Flow”.

“All da Smoke”

“I got Barry Bonds on my wrist (yeah)
Blowed your college fund on my bitch (where, woo) – Future

The simplest of lines resonate with me. Being a college graduate currently up to his eyeballs in student loans the thought of blowing that dollar amount on one human being is simply mind-boggling to me. I love it.

In an interview with Complex, Atlanta producer Southside, claims that the mixtape is just a sample of something that could possibly be bigger. Tracks featured on the mixtape were plucked from a staggering 600 songs.


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“It has no official timetable because we don’t work like that,” the 808 Mafia boss said. “Like we don’t do any of Future music like that, no official start date, we just go to the studio and have fun, and after we have made six or 700 songs we will pick the album. Literally.”

Aye, after listening to Super Slimey I’d flip my shit if I heard more of the same vein.

Until then this will stay in rotation.