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10 of the greatest hip-hop dad moments in social media history

Sometimes being a famous celebrity can seem at odds with fatherdom.

For musicians especially, months on end on the road or late nights at the studio mean it can be tough to find time at home with the youngins just chilling, doing dad shit.

But, just because their profession may make it difficult to always be present, that doesn’t prevent the dad rappers of the world from being corny, hilarious dads.

Whether these hip-hop dads are bugging out to Snapchat filters, bringing their kids on stage, roasting their kids for not waking up for school on time, or pranking their lazy ass kids, these hip-hop dads are truly out here.

Of course, there would be some drawbacks to having a father that was a global music superstar, as Jim Jones says, rappers live a “wild life,” but at the end of the day they do dumb dad shit like everybody else’s dad.

And yes, maybe Kevin Gates’ lack of regard for seatbelts is slightly concerning, but really who are we to judge?

Shoutout all the dads out there, especially those with fire bars, and happy Father’s Day (it’s on Sunday so you still have time to cop dad a little something).