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10 Cousin Stizz lyrics that will inspire you to get up off yo ass

Back in 2015, Cousin Stizz dropped a 13-track project titled Suffolk County where songs like “No Bells” and and “Shoutout” were instant favorites that gained notoriety amongst the underground circuit.

After the success of his debut project, Cousin Stizz went on to Drop Monda in 2016 and One Night Only this year, gaining him enough acclaim to be picked up by the label RCA just this year.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I use the music I attain and come across to accent different nuances of my life.

I’ll put on some French Montana or 2 Chainz before a night out, Bon Iver when I’m knee deep in my feelings or possibly some Drake on my commute to work. But when I play Cousin Stizz’s music it makes me want to be about my business and to have pride doing it.

Beyond offering a sound that you can’t find much of anywhere else in the industry, Stizz’s hustle-inspired content is what adds to his appeal.

Similar to Curren$y and Nipsey Hussle, Cousin Stizz has a go-and-get-it agenda to his raps that’s just perfect for facing whatever task you have ahead.

That’s why I’m going to help y’all out.

Between his three efforts, Stizz has practically laid out the game plan on how to outwork your competition and wait for your come-up. I’ll just highlight ten of his most poignant lyrics.

“Shoutout” (Suffolk County)

I don’t ever be up in the club,

I’m in the cut and I’m counting up.

“Dumb Dope” (Suffolk County)

Obstacles be coming when you want more.

Shit be getting dark, that’s what the sun is for.

“Real Life” (Suffolk County)

You could do it too, I bet with ease

It ain’t nothin’ brodi, just believe.

“Dirty Bands” (Suffolk County)

I don’t speak on shit I don’t know

“Every Season My Season” (Monda)

Every season my season,

mane, as long as I’m breathing.

“Reup & Bake” (Monda)

I’m tryna shed some good light on the hood.

Shit understood, if it was meant to happen for me, then it would.

“Million Things” (Monda)

Been knocked before, got up.

Tried to move forward when, there’s not much.

They can be a million things, but not us.

Does destiny talk to you, cause mine does.

“Switch Places” (One Night Only)

When you walking do leave behind a legacy?”

“Lambo” (One Night Only)

Anything possible you gotta get it and I had to make the example.

“Doubted Me” (One Night Only) 

Gotta play ya hand there’s a risk to everything. Shit be crazy when you hustle, it can get you anything.

If you’ve been sleeping on Stizz, hopefully this was a dark cup of coffee for you.

A lot of Stizz’s lyrics speak on the difficulty of the ascent, not just the reward at the end, which is a refreshing contrast to the braggadocious norm.

Cousin Stizz definitely has talent, so it’ll be interesting to see what the next level is for him.