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10 big city photographers whose prices are going up in 2021

Big city photographers have something new and beautiful to capture every day. It is becoming ever clearer that NYC photographers and others from big cities like LA have a price that is steadily on the rise.

Even during the pandemic, urban photographers have had the opportunity to step outside and at a moment’s notice, capture anything.

The diversity in photographer content from music, sports, and everyday lifestyle has fostered refreshing energy in the space.

Among many things, the eventful (borderline cinematic) year that was 2020, has shown the power and importance of photographers who make the effort to immortalize the stories of our culture through pictures.

Why do big city photographers of color deserve fair prices?

Whether in LA, NYC, or another big city, photographers have found ways to exceed the expectations, making some of the best work in their respective catalogs.

NYC photographers and others from big cities have a price that is going up. Collectively, the photographer community has set a strong tone for the decade.

As the times continue to change one can assume that the quality of photography will only adapt and improve. In light of the great work being produced, here are 10 big city photographers with a promising 2021 to look out for…

Brandon Hicks (LA Photographer)

LA-based photographer Brandon Hicks had a captivating 2020. Capturing photos of his subjects in their intimate states of being, Hicks’ photos truly highlight the diverse essence of human beauty.

From his inspired work with the New Yorker to the cover art for Ciara’s single Rooted, LA photographer Brandon Hicks has set himself apart.

big city photographer
(Cred: @brandonhicks)

The LA photographer’s pictures are nothing short of brilliant, with vibrant colors often balancing the complex emotions of the police whose portrait is taken.

LA photographer portrait price
(Cred: @brandonhicks)

Kanya Iwana (Bi-Coastal Photographer)

Kanya Iwana has truly shined through 2020. She filmed and produced the video ‘Let It Go’ for Erick Arc Elliot of the Flatbush Zombies.

And shot stars like Chloe & Halle.

big city photographer portrait price
(Cred: @kanyaiwana)

Iwana’s creativity as a big city photographer has been prevalent in a variety of ways.

Maat aka Young Eggz (NYC Photographer)

@youngeggz, as they go by on Instagram, had a strong showing of consistency throughout 2020.

Displaying a mixture of content from their friends to artists like Lil Tecca, Kaytranada, G Herbo, and Lucki to name a few, the big city film photographer clearly shoots what they are passionate about, hence the diverse catalog.

urban photophy
(Cred: @youngeggz)
photographer portrait price
(Cred: @youngeggz)

Maya Iman (Chicago Photographer)

Maya Iman describes her work as an “intimate view of her community and a means to unlock the general essence of humanity.

And undisputedly, Maya Iman’s work does just that.

Capturing intimate photos of her subjects, Iman’s big city photography brings out the best in them as they are displayed in a powerful fashion.

big city photographer smoke
(Cred: @mayaiman)

Iman has taken pictures for New Yorker Magazine and has worked with companies such as Nike, Twitter, AT&T. Look out for the bright artist in 2021.

photographer taking picture
(Cred: @mayaiman)

Pierre aka Visuals by Pierre (NYC Photographer)

Documenting the events of his life in New York City, Pierre’s work truly encapsulates the very things that make NYC special…

This NYC photographer’s price is going up. Pierre’s work is certainly unconventional, and we appreciate his unique takes documenting the life he lives.

big city photographer
(Cred: @visualsbypierre)

Jon Lopez (NYC Photographer)

Looking at Jon Lopez’s photos from past Nike EYBL tournaments, there are countless photos of NBA stars who are positioning themselves to be the next superstars of the league. Lopez captured Trae Young, De’Aaron Fox, and Ben Simmons, to name a few.

jon lopez sports

Lopez’s love for Basketball and Photography is apparent which has resulted in his inspiring catalog.

Jeremy Neal (NYC Photographer)

The film photographer has gotten off to a blazing start this year with photos of A$AP mob members such as A$AP Rocky, YG Addie, A$AP Nast, and more.

asap mob nyc
(Cred: @jare.rah.mee)

Neal is also only 19, so look for the talented urban photographer to make even bigger strides in 2021.

Adeline Lulo (NYC Photographer)

Inspired by her Dominican roots, Adeline Lulo’s work highlights images of unity and beauty within the Bronx. The NYC photographer’s price is steadily rising with the poignant pictures she is able to paint.

urban photographer adeline lulo
(Cred: adelinelulo)

Apex Visions (NYC Photographer)

Capturing the essence of New York’s prominent hip hop scene is what Apex Visions does. And looking deeply at the NYC photographer, perhaps better than anyone.

NYC photographers like Apex have a price that is going up. Especially while many of us are stuck inside, powerful images will never be obsolete.

rowdy rebel photographer apex
(Cred: @apex.visions)

Apex has captured artists like Rowdy Rebel, King Combs, Jay Critch, and the late great legend Pop Smoke. Apex Visions is among the best in the city as a big city photographer. And make no doubt about it: their price is going up.

Badmon (NYC Photographer)

Badmon, the proclaimed “product of NY” was consistently applying pressure throughout 2020. The NYC photographer did not let the odd year affect his progress, something we can all aspire to.

grand theft auto chains
(Cred: @badmon._)

With candid photos of rap stars like Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay, Young MA, and the late King Von, Badmon showed out as a big city photographer.

And plans to go even harder in 2021.

nyc artist rowdy rebel
(Cred: @badmon._)

Big city photographers’ prices are going up

While there are new photographers that emerge with unique work every year, the big city photographers listed above have proven themselves on countless occasions.

With 2021 in full bloom, we look forward to seeing what LA, NYC, and other big city photographers have in store. NYC photographers have a price that may exceed others. LA photographers may have the same.

But one thing remains clear above all else: these big city photographers’ prices are going up.