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10 annoying ass things you deal with when you have visible tattoos

The experience that comes with getting a tattoo is usually pretty dope.

Brainstorming creative ideas, planning with your tattoo artist to perfect your vision, then alas, bringing your idea to life while bracing yourself for the possible pain to come with it.

The creativity wrapped in adrenaline brings forth a special atmosphere. And the final result is even more exciting.

This experience is even more thrilling when you get a tattoo that can’t easily be hidden. Having visible tattoos that anyone can see at any given moment is arguably a life changer.

As soon I got my tattoo that stretches from arm to arm and across my upper back, my entire identity changed. Naturally, I was the same person, but to the outside world, I was someone new. And with this perceived new identity, you tend to be met with a lot of annoying shit from people who are either intrigued or disturbed.

That said, here’s 10 aggravating things all of us tattoo-covered people are faced with.

Catching total strangers reading or staring at your tattoos.

There aren’t many moments that are creepier than feeling a stranger’s eyes trace over your body.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I caught someone I’ve never known or spoken to staring at my arms, head cocked to the side, mouthing the words of my tattoo.

Trying to cover up for job interviews.

I’d never be out here voluntarily wearing a long sleeve button up shirt in 85 degree weather… unless it’s required when chasing a check.

Normally I don’t care about how people judge me, but unfortunately, we live in a capitalist society and in order to make decent money sometimes you have to play the game.

I’ve had countless interviews during a blazing hot summer and had to walk around wearing a long sleeve shirt or blazer just to hide part of my identity to fit the ridiculous expectations of corporate America.

Dudes using your tattoos as a pickup line.

I’m disappointed in myself for not thinking this would be a thing until I actually experienced it about 10 times.

When I’m out, guys seem to think my tattoos are the cheat code to getting my number (or more).

I’ve basically handed them an opening and I kick myself every time it happens.

Guys will walk up to me using the same “I love your tattoos” followed by a few bland questions about where/why I got them done.

Thus eventually leading them to ask for my number. The usual approach isn’t too intrusive, it’s mainly the fact that the originality is lost in the art of trying to bag that pisses me off.

But was there ever really art in trying to bag in the first place?

Being asked to show off all of your tattoos on the spot.

Look, I want people to like my tattoos. I want people to be intrigued. I really do.

That said, what I don’t want is for people to inconvenience me by asking me to maneuver my shirt and spin around so that they can see the entire piece as if I’m on display at an art gallery.

People asking you to explain the meaning behind your tattoos.

I know a lot of people get tattoos in remembrance of a deceased relative or as a reminder of dark places in their lives which they survived. I am not one of those people (at least not yet … knock on wood).

“I got my tattoo because I liked it” just isn’t a fitting response for most people who ask my reasoning behind my body art. But guess what, it’s the truth. I thought it was cool, I liked it, I got it. Next question.

People showing you their tattoos that you didn’t ask to see.

Imagine being at one of your favorite food spots, trying to order food, and the cashier is holding you up because he’s showing you all of his tattoos after asking about yours. This has happened to me.

Please just take down my order for my double bacon cheeseburger and give me my receipt. I’m hungry and just want to eat. This is definitely one of the worst times to stall someone but it happens more often than not.

“What’s gonna happen when you’re old?”

When I’m 80 or above I’m going to be too busy feeling accomplished for surviving a crazy world to think twice about my wrinkled tattoos on my old wrinkly skin.

Nobody looks at old people with tattoos and says “wow look at her tattoos, what an idiot!” You know why? Because nobody cares.

Old people should be the last group of people to give two shits about what people think of them. You think they’re doing this to take tattoo removal before and after photos?

Senioritis in high school and college is nothing compared to senioritis in life. I’m looking forward to getting there.

People asking you to cover your tattoos for specific events.

Weddings, dinners, you name it.

A guy that I was casually seeing once told me that if I ever wanted to meet his mom I’d have to cover my tattoos. “Cover my tattoos?” I asked. “Nah, tell your mom to cover her eyes.”

Yeah, that didn’t end well.

Pretty much every assumption about your personality.

I’m the most fearful person that I know.

I’m afraid of the dark, I’m afraid to drive a car, I’ve never been on a plane or a rollercoaster.

And yet, some people assume that I’m this fearless person because I have tattoos.

I find it pretty amusing actually.

Any interactions with overly conservative people.

If you’re a minority in this world you already have one strike against you, so anything else that goes against the grain just adds to more discrimination.

Luckily, our society is becoming more and more accepting of people who aren’t conservative, straight white men.

Some people manage to slip through the cracks, though, and sometimes I’m met with cold stares from people that I know are seething in judgment.

That’s their problem, though.