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070’s Ralphy River’s voice makes us feel like we’re walking on water

A piece of the quintet known as 070 Crew, Ralphy Rivers, is creating his own wave of sound. 

Gently down your ear stream, you can expect nothing but alternative R&B and electro-pop vibes. Ralphy River’s vocal escape also couples in nicely as it smooth sails with a powerful rise-and-fall pattern.

His sounds are so much drawn from his influences that it’s almost scary. From Michael Jackson to Prince, Ralphy Rivers has their sound down pat. Still, the artist has a skill that separates him from the rest – he can transition into different ranges.

Whether it’s chilled out rap, a falsetto or tenor pitch — Ralphy River’s voice meets where the light breaks. At most, he is the shadow that follows behind you. 

From the Garden State, Raphael Enterriors whose stage moniker is Ralphy Rivers has been creating music since he was 15. Fast forward to 2016 and Ralphy Rivers found himself taking it more serious once recording with his G.O.O.D Music signed partner and pal, 070 Shake. 


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Shake & Ralphy’s Allegory of The Cave

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Prior to 2016, Ralphy Rivers also joined the other members of the 070 Crew and released The 070 Project: Chapter One on their manager, YesJulz’s 1AM Entertainment label.

According to Ralphy Rivers, the listener should expect a tidal wave of rap but in his unreleased stuff, they will hear him singing just a bit more. After all, he’s comfortable with breaking out of his comfort zone.

Ralphy is always looking for ways to grow.


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Dear Mr. Man In White,

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Since then, Ralphy Rivers has released tracks like “True Love’s Kiss” and “Seeking a Friend For The End Of Days.” Ralphy Rivers is also still kicking it with the 070 Crew and sending his greetings from places like Paris!

Curating nine perfect tracks on his SoundCloud, Ralphy Rivers shows all sides of who he is. His first single which premiered on YesJulz’s 1AM Radio called “In Line” was during a time where he was “in a world that he invented.” As the beat dropped with an up-and-down pattern from the piano, hi-hats came in unison.

At that moment, young Ralphy Rivers was ready to attack. While daring subconsciously in song for his lover to test his limits, the hi-hats and piano chord heighten with Ralphy’s adrenaline rush but he doesn’t seem to really notice.

Besides this, Ralphy Rivers also mentions that we,

“Gotta surrender the truth/No they never showed us the light/Cause without the darkness baby, you wouldn’t seem so bright.”

Summarizing his artistry, he also separates the real from the fake and his singing ability is touched upon only slightly.  This proverb shows itself in lyrical form. “No don’t you dare move out the line/What is it you want from me now/All the small talk wasting time/Better watch what you wish for/No don’t you go fishing for mine.”

“If you move out the line imma show you its Jersey/All the new niggas you see on the line up/That’s my team yeah/And I can be scared and nervous/I came prepared, I’m worth it.”

“Love Me, I Know” has a crepuscular, shadowy production. In the midst of aligning with Ralphy’s falsetto vocals, it gets the heart bumping.

The Michael Jackson influence is obvious as Ralphy River belts, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone/Love Me, then come along. Love me or set me free. Let me be.” Simply put, Ralphy Rivers just asks for his love to make up her mind because he’s tired of the games. 

“Gift of Love” speaks on what it’s like to wear your heart on both sleeves. Sometimes we think that the next person could possibly be “the one” but it doesn’t turn out to be what we expect.

In this song Ralphy Rivers lets loose and tells all about the pain he’s endured when giving others a second chance. Ultimately, Ralphy Rivers and the piano keys co-exist in pain.

If you think you’re in this alone. You aren’t. Your gift of loving is soon to unravel for one who’s deserving.

“Cause I’ve been hurt before and this time I was praying that it wasn’t just another lesson but I can’t ignore yeah/The universe and all of it’s lessons for me.” 

Ralphy River’s track “Bereft” gets a bit deeper as the piano’s soundscape leaves room for Ralphy to spit some touching rhymes.

He speaks on his growth, “flying in outer space definitely put me in a new zone.” Ralphy Rivers refuses to be foolish and lose sight of what’s really important. He wants to leave a legacy for those that he loves and be remembered for all the right reasons. 

Lastly, “True Love’s Kiss” prays for a lover’s kiss to revive the love that was once killed by another. In unison, Ralphy River belts “I pray that this power doesn’t become too much/Our only hope is true love’s kiss.”

Love conquers all and so does the guitar chords that set a warm, intimate setting for the two twin flames. For the most part, you can rest assured that Ralph Rivers will continue to walk on water. His music is merely there for uplifting and guidance. 

Let his shoulder be the one you cry on.